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Debt Assistance and Negotiation

We can help you settle debts. We can help you fight debts. We can help you file for bankruptcy. We can also help you with identity theft. If you are being harassed by a debt collector, call us today. We will help you find a workable solution to your debt problems. There may be solutions that you have not considered.

Your Scenario: You have recently acquired a large sum of money, or are about to. Perhaps you are selling your house.

Your Problem: You have a large number of bills to pay, and you want to keep as much of your money as you can.

Our Solution: We will negotiate with creditors to reduce your debts to lesser amounts; thus leaving you with more money. Our fees are 25% of the reduction of your debt. For example, if we reduce $10,000 to $4,000, our fee is $1,500. You saved $4,500.

We can help negotiate a variety of debts resulting from:

  • Credit card balances
  • Medical bills
  • Old utility bills
  • Overdue cell phone charges
  • Repossesed cars, boats, etc.

Imagine paying off your debts while keeping more of your money!

Sometimes managing personal debts and paying bills requires the help of an experienced law office. For an experienced team of negotiators, contact us.