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Bankruptcy Law

The sad reality is that many ordinary Americans find themselves with too much debt, and not enough income. Some people fall into this situation honestly, and some not-so-honestly. We believe bankruptcy to be the court of last resort. If you feel trapped against a financial wall, we can help you. Many of our clients can feel the stress melt off of them as we discuss a solution to their economic problems. We are able to find non-bankruptcy solutions for many people, as well.

In a nutshell, bankruptcy is designed to exchange every debt you have for every asset you have. However, the court does not want to have a garage sale for you! The law provides numerous exemptions for debtors. You are allowed to keep a certain amount of money in the bank, certain types of retirement, a reasonable amount of clothing and household goods, a certain amount of equity in a car and house, etc. You should not expect to wear a barrel after bankruptcy. Even in the Columbus area there are nearly 16,000 cases every year (a case can be for a business, a person, or a couple). That means you probably know someone who filed bankruptcy in the past year, although they may have kept that information hidden from you.